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Letter of Credit Advising

As an advising bank, our bank promptly and quickly informs customers of the details of the letter of credit, verify the letter of credit to ensure its reliability; at the same time according to customer needs, we provide letter of credit confirmation services, mitigating the credit risk and country risk arising from the issuing bank.

Export Bills Purchase under L/C

Customers may present the export documents to our bank, we will examine the relevant documents in detail to ensure that the documents comply the requirements of the letter of credit issued by buyer's bank . In addition, our bank provides financing after we received acceptance from issuing bank.


Our bank may purchase the receivables under letter of credit accepted by the issuing bank from customers and provide without-recourse financing, without occupying the customers' credit limits. This provides immediate liquidity to customers and reduces customers' receivables and related risks (including country, buyer credit and exchange rate risk), so as to help customers to optimize financial statements and effectively transfer the credit risk, country and policy risks of issuing bank.

Export Bills for Collection / Purchase

Customers submit the export documents to our bank, and we will send the relevant documents to the designated collection bank for informing buyer about the documents, and then make the payment or accept the bills. We may also provide financing to customers who submit the export documents in order to meet the need for funds.

Letter of Credit Transfer

Our bank provides letter of credit transfer service to customers who are trade intermediaries customers, as the beneficiary of transferable credit, can request our bank to transfer all or part of the rights to customers' suppliers, without occupying any credit line.

Export Invoice Financing

Customers can assign the trade receivables to our bank. Our bank provides financing to exporter customers according to the commercial invoices and shipping documents provided, so that customers can transform the receivables into working capital, speeding up the cash inflow.

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