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Re-purchase Of Inter-bank Credit Assets


BOCOM buys back a single or a loan portfolio from other financial institutions in accordance with the agreement or contract entered into. Such service has the following features:

(1) The agreement or contract specifies that the seller will buy back the sold credit loans unconditionally at the agreed time and price;

(2) If is re-purchase is completed normally, neither the buyer nor the original lender be directly affected by the transaction;

(3) If the seller cannot afford to buy back the asset, and the guarantor providing joint guarantee cannot afford to do so either, then the buyer may make a claim against the original borrower under the subject assets.


The service aims to improve the liquidity and profitability of credit assets, realizing the diversified management of the assets, raising asset management standards and extending the scope of inter-bank cooperation.


Conditions for application

(1) The transaction parties shall be financial institutions duly incorporated and qualified for dealing in loan businesses by regulatory authorities;

(2) The assets to be transferred shall be based on the creditor’s rights and other subordinate rights arising from loans to non-financial institutions against facility granted.

Application procedure

(1) Both parties of the transactions shall conduct reviews on their business performance in accordance with the internal procedures after reaching an intent of cooperation;

(2) The two parties shall sign the Master Agreement on the Re- purchase Credit Loan Assets and Contract of Re-purchase Business.

(3) The consideration for the transferal and transfer fee should be paid;

(4) The original borrower, guarantor and insurer should be informed in the agreed manner;

(5) Upon the maturity of the re-purchase, the seller should re-purchase the credit asset as specified in the contract.