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Agent Salary Payment Services


Entrusted by organizations and enterprises, BOCOM undertakes payment transfer of staff salaries at an appointed time or in separate installments to the demand deposit accounts or credit card accounts that employees have opened at BOCOM, through corporate Internet banking or through over-the-counter transfers..

Salient features

(1)   Safe and convenient service that avoids the trouble of mass withdrawal or payment of salaries facing hiring organizations, without the risk of financial losses owing to the use of counterfeit currency;

(2)   Let employees enjoy the range of services under the Pacific Card series, with extra lifestyle convenience for them.

Application procedure

(1)   The customer signs salary transfer agreement with BOCOM (specifying the responsibilities for both parties, the working routine and agency fees);

(2)   The customer helps their staff with the opening of Pacific Card accounts or savings passbooks

(3)   Five days prior to pay-day every month, the customer will send the payroll and computer diskette, together with the transfer cheque, to BOCOM; The customer can also convey their payroll to the responsible BOCOM branch through Internet banking, to facilitate BOCOM’s salary agency payment services.