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A cheque is a document signed by the issuer, whereby BOCOM (ie. the branch network responsible for processing cheque deposits) is entrusted to pay a specified sum of money to the recipient or bearer unconditionally at sight.


There are three categories of cheques, including cash cheques, transfer cheques and common cheques. Cheques marked with the word “cash” are cash cheques, which can only be used for cash withdrawal. Cheques marked with “transfer” are transfer cheques, which are to be used for fund transfer only. Without the words “cash” or “transfer” indicated on them, common cheques can be used for cash withdrawal as well as for fund transfer. A crossed cheque, which has two parallel lines drawn on its upper left corner, is meant only for fund transfer and not cash withdrawal.  

Salient features

(1) Easy to use, with a simple and flexible handling procedure

(2) The payment period indicated on cheques is ten days following issuance

(3) Cheques are transferable upon endorsement, except those used for cash withdrawals.

Scope of use

Cheques can be used for various types of financial settlement for entities and individuals from the same territory of cheque clearance.

Application procedure

(1) To open a cheque deposit account, applicants must use their real names and submit legal proof of personal identification;

(2) To open a cheque deposit account, applicants are required to leave behind their signature and seal specimens;

(3) To open a cheque deposit account and to be eligible as a cheque recipient and user, applicants must be financially trustworthy and has deposited a specified amount of money.