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Smart Declaration Online Tax Payment Service


"Smart Declaration" online payment system is an online electronic tax payment system jointly developed by BOCOM, China Customs General Administration and China E-Port  Information Data Centre. As the supporting service amenity of China E-Port, it is integrated with other China E-Port service systems and BOCOM’s integrated business-processing system. Enabling data sharing and exchange on a centralized, safe, reliable and efficient computer system, it offers import-export business enterprises a precise, convenient and prompt service for online customs payment. 

Salient features

(1)   Speeds up customs declaration and simplifies custom-clearance procedures: Customer’s issuance of payment instruction to its successful execution takes only 1 ~ 3 minutes.

(2)   Facilitates remote customs declaration: payment through a single bank in a single place, with customs declaration from multiple locations; instant real-time payment of customs from a remote destination

(3)   Safe network-controlled system: China E-Port has chosen state-of-the-art CPU-type IC cards carrying a China-manufactured, high-intensity symmetrical encryption algorithm, one which is unprecedented in China; the system is configured with identity authentication and security subsystem facilities jointly pioneered by the State Encryption Management Commission, Third Dept. of LBA General Staff and University of Posts and Telecommunications;

(4)   Enhanced fund efficiency: If a customs-declaration document needs to be retrieved, the paid custom duties, plus interest, will be instantly channeled back to the customer’s account;

(5)   Overdraft for tax payment: Quality customers from BOCOM are entitled to overdraft facilities for customs payment

(6)   Stringent company financial management: designated operators are given the authority to make online payment of customs duties; however, this operator is not able to conduct payment beyond the scope of authority they were conferred with.

(7)   Low cost for network access: No extra cost is entailed for E-Port network users;

(8)   Round-the-clock service;

(9)   User-friendly operation interfaces;

(10) Comprehensive emergency handling solutions: Customers can resume their activities online as usual and the security of fund is assured, even in the event of force majeure, such as network breakdown, given the emergency solutions in place.


(1)   Company can designate the entity for auto-payment, the payment bank and the account number via Internet, by which the related payment of import and export customs duties can be made to the customs authorities.

(2)   Online inquiries into customs statement

    Application conditions

After opening a settlement account, a China E-Port network user can apply to BOCOM for “Smart Declaration” online payment service..

Application procedures

(1)   Company submits  written application for Smart Declaration” online payment service to China customs:

(2)   Company submits to BOCOM  Bank of Communications Smart Declaration” application form; photocopies of company code certificate and business license and China E-Port network user certificate;

(3)   Upon review and approval by BOCOM and China Customs, the company will sign an Online Tax Payment Agreement and its related supplementary agreement.