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Corporate Cash Management

With BOCOM’s special insight into the corporate needs for receipt and payment clearance services, investment and financing as well as capital management, the Bank provides you with customized cash management solutions through e-service platforms such as a range of diversified cash management products and powerful corporate Internet banking.


Receipt and payment services: BOCOM provides fast and safe cash receipt and payment services to meet the vast corporate needs for receipt and clearance. For corporate groups that deploy our services, their headquarters can better manage the receipt and payment of their subsidiaries through the receipt of amount from headquarters and the payment of the same via their subsidiaries’ accounts, as well as through the centralized payment to external parties and unified control over the limit.


Account management: Upon authorization, subscriber groups’ headquarters can conduct queries, monitor payments in the accounts of their head offices and subsidiaries. Customized queries and statistics reports on their accounts are also possible for corporate customers with numerous accounts.

BOCOM provides cash management services for transnational companies in managing their overseas accounts by working with the overseas banks of their choice. BOCOM’s partnership with overseas banks and the use of SWIFT clearance system enable transnational companies to achieve remote monitoring of the accounts of domestic subsidiaries and transfer payments to those subsidiaries.


Liquidity management: BOCOM’s cash pool service enables groups’ headquarters to exercise excellent liquidity management of intra-group capital, reduce capital surplus and cut down capital cost and improve the yield on capital.

The main functions of the cash pool are as follows:

Regulating capital: By transferring capital between  the headquarters and subsidiaries, regulating capital surpluses and shortages for group companies, capital management can be strengthened and returns can be improved by investments in an integrated account. Capital transfers can be activated automatically or upon clients’ order. Capital transfers between parent companies and subsidiaries can be achieved via an entrusted loan.

Capital valuation services: BOCOM provides valuation services to determine the value of capital as a result of internal transfers in order to meet the client groups’ accounting needs.

Convenient overdraft services: Depending on the credit rating of the customer, BOCOM decides on corporate overdraft limits to meet contingent payment needs.

Value-added investment banking services: The integrated capital account may be opened as an negotiated deposit account. As such, the interest for the excessive reserved capital will accrue at the end of the day at the negotiated rate, thus bringing more interest returns on the deposit.


Electronic service platform: Through BOCOM’s deployment of an advanced electronic service platform -- BOCOM’s Corporate Internet Banking, customers may enjoy our quality cash management services in a convenient and safe manner.