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Introduction To Corporate Online Banking

(I) Functions

1. Corporate payment Services

Through the corporate payment function, enterprises can conduct their daily settlements with single payments or bulk payments.

2. Financial Management Services

Enterprises needs for agent payrolls and reimbursement of travel expenses can be met through BOCOM’s Financial Management Function.

3. Group Cash Management Services

Group Cash Management Services provides services such as the multi-dimensional queries on groups’ accounts, automatic and proactive transfer of their internal capital, the sending out of automatic requests for capital, the making of payments and the management of their cash pools.

4. Account Information Inquiry Service

Through Account Information Inquiry Service, enterprises can inquire real-time account balances, transaction details, credit loan information and information pertaining to notes, thus keeping them informed of capital flows.

5. Customer Service

BOCOM’s Online Banking provides a series of additional services, making Online Bank more user-friendly. Such services include payment arrival alert, off-line software and corporate information downloading for client use,  certification updating, detailed information on various services charges, user information and password change, operation demo and means for clients to contact BOCOM.

6. International Banking Businesse

Online international banking business keeps enterprises closely informed of their own for import, export as well as the remittance statuses.

7. Corporate Management Services

Through Corporate Management Services, enterprises can set up their operation accounts with flexibility and different levels of access authority, establish matching accounts and control payment limit according to their own requirements. Enterprises can also set their various online corporate service functions in order to save time and trouble that would otherwise have to be spent traveling to and from bank branches.

8. Offline Services for Clients

Online Banking provides service software to be downloaded for off-line use so that client can conduct account transfers to their corporate customers and bulk input for agent salary payment and reimbursement of travel expenses.


(II) Features

1. Almost 7*24hr services

The enterprise can conduct transactions via the Online Bank almost 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

2. Instant capital transfer

Intra-BOCOM money transfer is instant, and if customers opt for accelerated inter-bank remittance, it can also be arranged for during the working hours of the bank.

3. Complete and Reliable security measures

Online Banking provides for a myriad of complete and reliable security measures to guarantee the security of the banking system, such as, using usbkey and digital certificates to guarantee customer security, deploy two-way encrypted access between the user’s computer and bank system and digital signatures to ensure transaction security.

The Corporate Online Banking is operated by a strict authority management mechanism to help enterprises control the authority accessible to their various corporate operators. You can control the level of authority for transactions and amount limit for each and every operator and set up matching accounts as required by your particular enterprises.

4. Simple Application Procedure

Corporate Online Bank entails a simple procedure for opening an account and for the application of relevant functions. You need only to come to the bank once, afterwards you can apply for those functions online; the simple procedure saves you the trouble of frequenting the bank.


(III) Application Procedure

Corporate applicants should bring to the company’s account-opening BOCOM bank branch where settlements are to be made the relevant corporate documents, the letter of authorization, the ID card of the representative as well as the signed Corporate Online Bank Service Contract, the filled-out Application Form for Corporate Online Banking of Bank of Communications and Application Form for Account Opening and Service Functions of Corporate Online Banking of Bank of Communications (with corporate chop or stamp).