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User Guide

Installation guide

I.           Internet banking usage environment recommendation

1.       one PC with access to internet;

2.       OSWindows2000, Windows XP, etc.IE6.0 or above, key length being 128 digits

3.       Network setting requirementsIf agent server is used to access internet or firewall is installed, relevant network port should be opened. Different network ports should be opened for users logging in by different means:

Login through CA certificate of Bank of Communications:       port443       port443

Login through CFCA certificate:     port 8080   port 8080 port 389 port 829

Login by password:     port 443


II.          Certificate user downloads USBkey certificate

1Preparation before downloading

1. Please make sure you have received two files: one contains corporate internet banking activation code; the other contains user password envelope;

2. If you have applied for corporate internet banking payment business, please make sure you have received the USBKey used to keep digital certificate from the bank.

3. Password envelopes printed with “user nickname” and “password” texts refer to ordinary corporate internet banking user, who can log in directly.

4. Password envelopes printed with reference NO. and authorization code refer to certificate user (please download certificate immediately after receiving the password envelope. Digital certificate not downloaded will expire 14 days after the bank has created or recovered certificate). Please follow the below steps to install and use.

2Now you can start downloading

Bank of Communications CA certificate

1. Enter into Bank of Communications homepage, or; click and enter into “Corporate internet banking →Download certificate →Download software”;

2. Choose a driver matching the model No. of your USBKey and then download and install it;

3. After installation completes, insert USBKey, enter into Download certificate page, input reference No., authorization code and USBKey password (the initial password for rainbow USBKey is PASSWORD, and that of other USBKey is 12345678) and click Download certificate.

4. After certificate is downloaded, choose certificate user login, enter USBKey password and login corporate internet banking system.


CFCA certificate

1.       Choose “Bank of Communications Internet Banking→DirectClient6/Bank of Communications Internet Banking DirectClient” from the start menu;

2.       After launching DirectClient, choose “File→Add new user/certificate file” from the menu;

3.       Key in various data, among which, name field in security data refers to name of the certificate file, which is defined by the client, while reference No. and authorization code are as printed in the password envelope sent by the bank.

4.       User password is used by the user to login internet banking (same as USBKey password; the initial password of rainbow USBKey is PASSWORD, and that of other USBKey is 12345678). “Save configuration file to hardware card” item must be enabled.

5.       After that, click the button to download certificate.

6.       After certificate is downloaded, restart DirectClient, key in USBKey password and login corporate internet banking.


Warm tips

1. During installation of USBKey driver, please don’t plug in USBKey, and remove all other devices in USB ports of the computer. It is recommended to close interception and screening applications such as firewalls on the computer, which might affect the installation of the driver.

2. When installing or uninstalling USBKey driver, please restart your computer according to the prompt.  

3. After certificate is downloaded, please change the USBKey initial password timely, to prevent risk. Please don’t use characters which are two simple or easily guessable, such as duplicated 1, birthday, for the new USBKey password.

4. If your USBKey is locked due to several wrong inputs of password, please initialize your USBKey again, go to the counter to run certificate recovery procedure and then download certificate again.

5. After finishing use of internet banking or when you need to leave in the course of use, please exit internet banking, close IE and pull out your USBKey.

6. Don’t give your USBKey to others. If your USBKey is lost, please go to the counter to run certificate recovery procedure as soon as possible.