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FAQ and processing flow of corporate internet banking


I.           Banking services of corporate internet banking

1、   What procedures are required to open corporate internet banking?

Companies who would like to open corporate internet banking should carry the company's relevant certificates, letter of authorization for the operator by the company, ID card of the operator, Corporate Internet Banking Service Contract, Bank of Communications Corporate Internet Banking Client Application Form, Bank of Communications Corporate Internet Banking Contract Account, Business Function Application Form (with official stamp and signature) and go to the opening bank of the major settlement account to have it done.

2. What is the difference between headquarter and branch and parent and subsidiary company?

Headquarter and branch, parent and subsidiary companies can all be regarded as group clients of our bank. The difference lies in that headquarter and branch belong to the same corporation, while parent and subsidiary companies can be different corporations. From the perspective of business, the major difference lies in cash management mode of group clients.

3. What are the procedures and requirements for opening corporate group clients?

First of all, group companies and auxiliary companies should come to Bank of Communications to open corporate internet banking. Then, the group company can go to its opening bank, with letter of attorney from the subsidiary company and relationship table of the group company, to open group client functions of corporate internet banking.


II.          Client services of corporate internet banking

1.       What is payment inquiry business?

It means that after clients submit a payment instruction, Bank of Communications will generate a one-off inquiry character string matching this payment transaction. The receiving client can inquire the status of the payment instruction submitted by the paying company in Bank of Communications corporate internet banking, according to the inquiry character string provided by the paying client.

2. What services can corporate internet banking provide?

It includes account inquiry, corporate payment, Caiwutong, investment and financial management, cash management, international business, off-shore business, E-business, oversea banking business, corporate annuity and client service.

3. How to login corporate internet banking?

Non-certificate users can login corporate internet banking by user name and password, while certificate users do it by certificate and USBKey protection password in USBKey.

4. How to inquire incoming account details of the company?

Send application to the opening bank. After it is enabled, the opening bank supplements the company’s incoming account information. Then, the receiving client can inquire the name of the paying unit and other details in incoming account details.

5. Does corporate internet banking have financial management function?

Corporate financial management functions such as time deposit, notice deposit, fund transaction, third-party custody, and bank card to futures transfer are enabled.

6. Can a company open multiple internet banking client No.?

No, one corporate certificate can open one corporate internet banking client No.

7. What data formats are supported by offline client terminal?

Offline client terminal supports files in text, excel formats.

8. How does the client maintain frequently used accounts of the company?

Single record input: after the client runs transaction successfully, he can add the payee’s account NO. into company's frequently used accounts. Or, he can inform the bank and have the bank maintain the frequently used accounts at the client side.

Batch input: the client exports the payees out of the ERP financial system by batch, converts into payee’s roll through offline client terminal by batch, and then batch import into corporate internet banking frequently used accounts.

9. How to conduct business exchange and communication with Bank of Communications?

You can contact account manager or product manager to communicate with us. Meanwhile, you can also communicate with relevant personnel of corporate internet banking through the message board of corporate internet banking.

10. What is the difference between urgent and normal transfer payment?

The major difference lies in the settlement system the bank uses to do transfer payment and also the charge rate.

11. Does corporate internet banking charge fee? How is it done?

Corporate internet banking can charge fee for business offered to the company. Charge for transfer can be collected by record or by month. Client can designate a special account for charges.

12. What settings are required at the network of the client side?

If agent server is used to access internet or firewall is installed, relevant network port should be opened. Different network ports should be opened for users logging in by different means:

Login through CA certificate of Bank of Communications:       port443       port443

Login through CFCA certificate:     port 8080   port 8080 port 389 port 829

Login by password:       port 443

13. How to use frequently used accounts during transfer?

When doing transfer payment, clients can enter the nickname, account No., receiving account name partially or fully of frequently used accounts to inquire and use it.

14. Does corporate internet banking offer foreign currency services?

Currently, the following foreign currency services are supported by corporate internet banking: remittance, export business and import business. Various queries under relevant foreign currency services and application for L/C and outward remittance can be realized.

15. Can the company manage the user’s authority?

Company’s administrator can manage business authorities of its users.

16. How to inquire the status of payment transaction?

Companies can inquire the status of submitted transactions in transaction inquiry functions of internet banking.

17. Can transactions already submitted by the company be cancelled or stop payment?

Transactions already submitted by the company include direct payment transactions and appointed payment transaction. The former cannot be cancelled, while the latter can only be cancelled within the appointed period.

18. What should be noted during batch transfer?

The number of records in batch transfer should not exceed 300.

19. How does group company approve payment transactions of subordinate companies?

The limit transfer amount of subordinate companies required for approval is set by the group company. Transactions exceeding the limit and requesting approval are to be approved by relevant privileged staff of the group company.

20. What functions can cash management of group client offer?

It includes group account inquiry (multi-dimensional inquiry by groups or branches), capital assembly (automatic appropriation or initiative appropriation), group payment (including independent payment, payment on behalf of the subordinate and unified payment), inquiry of appropriation rules, inquiry of cash pool, management of account limits and automatic fund request.

21. How many layers of subordinate companies can the group company set?

Internet banking of Bank of Communications has no restriction over number of layers for a group company. Two rules should be noted: 1) the superior and inferior company should open account with Bank of Communications (can be without users). 2) Each client can only belong to one group.

22. How does the group company conduct cash management and authorization?

Group company runs cash management through functions like automatic assembly and initiative appropriation of fund, automatic fund request, payment on behalf of the subordinate, unified outward payment, account limit control, cash pool management.

23. Can a group company operate on two lines separately: income and expense?

Yes, but income and expense properties of account No. should be set when opening accounts.


III.        Certificate services of corporate internet banking

1.       What is a certificate?

Client certificate refers to a smart USBkey or IC card storing client’s identity file, used to validate client’s identity and sign transactions done by client. Client certificate of corporate internet banking of Bank of Communications is a unique user identity digital mark built upon public encryption key mechanism.

2.       Must corporate internet banking use USBKey?

Authorizers of corporate internet banking of Bank of Communications must be certificate users, and certificate users must use smart USBKey or smart IC card.

3.       How to change USBKey password?

Users can use the USBKEY management tool provided by Bank of Communications to change USBKey password. At first use of the USBKey, system will prompt a dialogue box, indicating the client to change the password.

4.       How to install USBKEY driver?

Corporate users can use the disk or download USBKey driver from Bank of Communications website and install it.

5.       What to do if USBKey password is locked or USBKey is lost?

Three wrong attempts of USBKey password will lock the USBKey. When password is locked or USBKey is lost, client should go to branches of Bank of Communications offering corporate internet banking business and supplement a certificate.

6.       How to download Bank of Communications CA root certificate and signature control?

Under normal circumstance, Bank of Communications CA root certificate and signature control will ask the client to download them to the client end automatically. If they are not downloaded normally, you can download them manually from Download software page under Download certificate.

7.       Can a company change certificate users?

Yes. Company’s administrator can reset user information of the certificates, such user’s name. The certificate of the administrator must be re-applied at the opening bank.

8.       What is the difference in using Bank of Communications CA and CFCA certificates?

Bank of Communications CA differs from CFCA corporate senior certificate in usage from the below aspects: 1) CFCA certificate must use client-end agent software to log in internet banking, while Bank of Communications CA can log in directly from IE; 2) CFCA certificate needs to open network ports specific to CFCA, while Bank of Communications CA doesn’t request special port; 3) CFCA certificate is slow in login, while Bank of Communications CA is quick; 4) CFCA certificate updates automatically when it expires, while Bank of Communications CA reminds the client to update manually before it expires.

9.       What is the term of validity of the certificate? How to update the certificate?

The term of validity of Bank of Communications CA certificate is one year. Corporate internet banking will remind the clients to update manually before it expires. Clients should strictly follow the instructions on the page in updating the certificate.

10.    What OS are supported by Bank of Communications USBKey?

Currently, it supports Microsoft Windows2000, IE 6.0 or above.

11.    When transaction session is time out, what should be done?

If a corporate client performs no interaction with corporate internet banking within the time set by Bank of Communications, the transaction session is time out. Client must close the browser and log in again.

12.    What issues should be minded in using USBKey?

USBKey stores a digital certificate media used as the unique digital mark for the user’s identity, therefore, clients should use and keep it properly. The following aspects are noteworthy in the course of usage: 1) safeguard the protection password of the certificate properly; it is advisable to change it periodically; 2) exit corporate internet banking normally when not in use and pull out the USBKey.