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Introduction To Personal Online Banking

(I) Functions

1. Online Forex Kit

Forex Kit provides you with convenient and user-friendly information in response to forex rates inquiries; provides services for forex trading, entrusted orders, two-way orders and stop-loss orders through flexible transactions. Online Forex Kit allows customers to conduct convenient queries on the time and current forex deposits and orders, while providing all-encompassing forex services, such as professional information services.

2. Online personal account management

Online personal account management services allow you to check the balance of your savings account and transaction details and can conveniently provide money transfer services between your time deposit account, account of time deposit of irregular savings and lump-sum withdrawal and current account. You can also conduct card to card transfer through the “Internet Link” of Pacific Card.

3. Online Mutual Fund Supermarket

The Online Mutual Fund Supermarket service provides you with a range of mutual fund products and you can  buy and sell funds, inquire about the details of the fund being held, inquire about the net values and dividends of funds under such service which would meet your diversified needs for investment and financial management.

4. Online Credit Card

This service provides information on the available credit facility of your cards, the bill not yet recorded in statement, the details of the bills as well as the convenience of online repayment of outstanding balance, etc.


(II) Features

1. Forex rates are updated once every 20 seconds to enable you to have access to updates in a convenient, straight-forward and responsive manner. You can also customize the webpage display for the forex rates you are interested in.

2. Online Banking also provides you with information on your card deposit accounts including your current deposit account, time deposit account and account for time deposit of irregular savings and lump-sum withdrawal, allowing you to manage your wealth at ease.

3. Pacific Card “Online Link” card to card transfer provides you with the means of conducting instant money transfers, saving you the trouble of traveling and the hassle of bringing cash. So long as both you and the recipient party use BOCOM cards, no matter whether you are in the same city, money transfers can be conducted instantly with a lower service charge than the services provided by bank tellers.

4. Online bank provides information on transaction details such as the place and mode of the transactions as well as and balance in you account.


(III) Application Procedure

1. As long as you have a BOCOM Pacific Card, you can log on to BOCOM’s Personal Online Banking to manage your account.

2. When you apply for Forex Kit at a local BOCOM branch, you can then conduct transactions via Forex Kit online.

3. Just fill out Application Form for Subscribing (Unsubscribing) Bank of Communications Pacific Card Cross-Bank Transfer at a local BOCOM branch, and you can enjoy card-to-card transfer service afforded by Pacific Card Online Link.

4. Log on to the Online Mutual Fund Supermarket to open a fund trading account and start trading funds.