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Safety Guide

To offer you easier and safer e-banking service, we would like to draw your attention to the following particularly:

1. Prevent spoofing website

It’s recommended that users login via the Link on our homepage Please don't log in e-banking system via Links on unknown websites, emails or forums. After successful login, please check the welcome wording and sign and the last login time.

2. Prevent hacker attacking

Please install anti-virus software and firewall software in your computer and upgrade it promptly. Please install the latest operation system and browser safety procedures or bugs (click here to enter software downloading window) in your computer. Please don't use e-banking system on computers of cyber café or other public places. After you use the e-banking system or when you leave temporarily during using the e-banking system, please log out and plug out your USBKey.

3. Protect your password

Please set your e-banking login password and USBKey password properly. Please don't use passwords that can be easily gotten such as birthday and regular sequence. Password different from cash withdrawal password is recommended.

4. Other matters

Please don't give your USBKey or mobile phone to others. In case you lost your USBKey or mobile phone, please undertake certificate restoration procedures at bank counter or replace the SIM card as soon as possible.