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  Cash Management

As market competition becomes more and more heated, enterprises raise a higher standard for financial management in their production and operation. Banks should provide cash management services that allow enterprises, especially group companies, to both centralize the management of various financial assets and flexibly utilize cash resources of branch and subsidiary companies within the permitted scope; that can both reduce the financing cost of companies in shortage of capital and raise the capital profit ratio of companies rich in capital; that can both fulfill financial assets’ requirements for liquidity and efficiency and reflect the tenor of “cost controllable” and “profit maximized”.

By integrating traditional payment settlement approaches and an electronic banking service platform with the edge of modern information technology, cash management of corporate internet banking is a highly efficient comprehensive service designed to meet various requirements of group corporate accounts, such as fund receiving and paying, account information, centralized payment, capital assembly, cash pool, corporate financial management. It aims to help the companies to strengthen management of account payables and receivables, reduce occupation of low-profit financial assets, enhance capital usage efficiency, cut credit and debit capital cost and increase financial asset revenue.

The content of cash management service and its supporting functions:

Service Content

Supporting Functions


Account information service to facilitate realtime monitoring of capital flow direction

Inquire group account

Inquire account details of various units by institution; or classify various accounts of the group and inquire by group

Transfer payment servicemultiple payment types, national wide intra-city/inter-city, local intra-bank/inter-bank fund transferto satisfy payment requirements of varied purposes

Independent payment, payment on behalf of the subordinate

Various units do outward payment independently with their own accounts, or have the headquarter do outward payment on behalf of the subordinate after authorized by the subordinate

Automatic money request

Group headquarter set borrowing limit for subordinate units; when account of subordinate unit is in shortage of fund, automatically ask the headquarter for difference position, within the limit, so as to meet the payment requirement

Management of payment limit

Group headquarter sets payment cap (single transaction or daily cumulated limit) for subordinate units; outward payments by subordinate units exceeding the limit should be approved by the headquarter, so as to prevent payment risk effectively

Fund appropriation servicehelp group enterprises to appropriate fund flexibly and realize fund sharing

Automatic appropriation:8 upward and downward appropriation rules are available

Automatically do upward or downward appropriation at fixed time and amount; inquire, start and pause, or edit appropriation rules

Initiative  appropriation

Automatically do initiative appropriation upward or downward at any time in 365 days; account of subordinate unit can be set to zero balance; each pay-in fund of subordinate unit is appropriated upward in realtime, while each pay-out fund is appropriated by the headquarter in advance or real time

Cash swap

The group headquarter initiatively swaps the fund of subordinate units in shortage or overage

Fund settlement serviceFlexible and compliant interest calculation methods, to satisfy fund liquidation needs inside a group

Cash pool setting and inquiry

Different internal pricing or entrust loan methods are applied to upward deposit fund and downward borrowing fund; inquire cash pool details and interest; inquire entrust loan details and fee