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Product Recommendation

1. “Short-cut Code” Function 

Shortcut code accords clients with a way to run transactions efficiently and conveniently. It breaks through the business mode of traditional telephone bank and frees users from redundant voice tree menus. Shortcut code mode is designed with the service concept of “Client oriented” and provides clients with more efficient services with their usage habit in the mind.

You can directly choose “3-shortcut code” function from the main menu and do operation by keying in the shortcut code of the desired transaction, without choosing from menu to menu. Transaction shortcut codes can be obtained through transaction tips in telephone bank voice tree, by consulting the operator, from brochure and by consulting the counter.

2. Exclusive Services for Clients of OTO Fortune

If you are a client of OTO fortune of Bank of Communications, you can choose “6-OTO fortune client service” from private business menu and enjoy services by expert operator.

A special voice menu is provided for OTO fortune client service, with optimized system configuration and a team of professional client service staff. System can identify your identity by the card No. You can not only hear exclusive welcome message, but also enjoy preferential services, experiencing warm, professional, efficient and dedicated services.

3Transactions on Behalf of the Client

Telephone bank agent transactions on behalf of the clients mean that the operator runs transfer, fund, and bank to securities transaction for contracting clients online through telephone banking system. With the help of operator, you can complete various financial transactions according to the voice tips.

No matter what you are doing such as buying or selling fund, running Waihuibao transaction, card-to-card transfer, or bank-to-securities transfer, after you have passed client identity verification, the operator will complete various financial transactions at your request, so that you don’t need to do complicated keying operations.

4. Online Client Service

In case of any problems after logging in our internet banking, you can directly call WebChat professional operator of our client service center. By leveraging sophisticated technology, WebChat professional operator gets to know your internet banking usage status in real time. Through chatting, he can communicate with you online and help you solve various problems concerning internet banking. When necessary, he can guide you through the transaction step by step. This actualizes a real internet client service center.

5. Card-to-Card Directional Transfer

Card-to-card directional transfer business of telephone bank offers greater flexibility and safety when you are running telephone transfer transaction. After contracting card-to-card directional transfer business of telephone bank at our outlet, you can run this transaction through telephone bank. During contracting, you must input a fixed transfer-in card No.. Each card can be bound to multiple transfer-in cards.

When doing operations through telephone bank, you should choose card-to-card directional transfer according to the voice tip. You can only transfer money into the contracted bound transfer-in card. No daily maximum cumulated transfer-out amount is set for card-to-card directional transfer transaction, but the amount of single transfer transaction should not exceed RMB 100,000 in principle.

6. Emergent Report Loss

You can do formal report loss through self-service voice or ask an operator to do emergent report loss. If you have forgotten the card password, you can report loss through the operator by providing your valid ID certificate or other Bank of Communications cards.

Emergent report loss is valid eternally and there is no tenor for automatic cancellation of report loss. After doing emergent report loss by an operator through telephone bank, you should go to the bank counter to do formal report loss or cancel report loss.