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  Notice of the Modifications of "De Li Bao-Sky Blue New Share IPO Bidding" Business Agreement

To further meet customers’ demand for finance and investment management, Bank of Communications will upgrade the functions of De Li Bao-Sky Blue-New Share IPO Bidding and modify the original business agreement on Apr 20, 2008.

The relevant details are as follows:

I. Agreement modifications:

1. De Li Bao žSky Blue-New Share IPO Bidding Supplementary Business Agreement is renamed as De Li Bao žSky Blue-New Share IPO Bidding RMB Finance Management Product Introduction.

2. De Li Bao žSky Blue-New Share IPO Bidding RMB Finance Management Product Introduction has added the terms on “Retained Amount”. Retained Amount is the minimum balance of the reserve in Pacific Card after new share subscription amount is deducted. This value is set by customers themselves. The Product Introduction also has the risk/profit rating of this business.

3. From today on, the new Risk Disclosure of “De Li Bao” Private Finance Management of Bank of Communications is an integral part of the finance management contract of De Li Bao· Sky Blue-New Share IPO Bidding product.

II Bank of Communications sincerely remind all customers that if the Pacific Card assigned by customers also covers the automatic repayment for credit cards, repayment of installment of housing, detaining receipt and payment, and fund fixed investment deductions, customers should pay attention to the balance of the card to avoid payment failure.

III. Any customer that have any disagreement with the modification of the agreement can go through the canceling of contract signing at the business hall of Bank of Communications before May 6. Otherwise Bank of Communications regards that the customers have accepted and approved the modification of the original agreement.

IV. For customers that have already signed for this business, the default retained reserve is 10000 yuan. To change the amount of retained reserve, customers can go through the relevant procedures for altering the agreement at any business office of Bank of Communications from Apr 20, 2008 on and reset the value of retained reserve. The contract, upon signing, takes effect when the next period of new share subscription plan is established.

Hereby Notified


                                  Bank of Communications