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  Bank of Communications officially launches Shanghai Expo ticket sales

On Mar., 27th, 400 days countdown before the opening of Shanghai World Expo, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination debuted globally the standard formats of nine types of Expo tickets in two major categories and officially launched the first-phase sale for groups.

Shanghai Expo ticket, 98mm wide, 54mm high and 0.5mm thick, shows the emblem, the mascot Haibao and the theme on the face. The design features functionality, conciseness, clarity, decency and high identifiability, conveys complete information and especially highlights the theme of ¡°Better City, Betty Life¡±. Different colors and formats are adopted to differentiate different types of tickets, with yellow, blue, red, purple and green standing for standard day, peak day, multiple days, evening and group admissions respectively, while horizontal and vertical formats for special and ordinary admissions respectively.  

As one of the first four ticket agents in Chinese Mainland appointed by the Bureau, Bank of Communications started selling tickets to the public from Mar., 27th. In 2009, only two types, standard day single day admission and peak day single day admission, are available, while another four special admissions will go on sale from Jan., 1st, 2010. Please see the below table for details:

Ticket Type


Sales Period

Price£¨varied with purchase time£©

Peak Day Single Day Admission

Valid for 17  designated days including Labor Day, or any Standard Day



Peak Day Special Admission



Standard Day Single Day Admission

On any Standard Day other than Peak Day



Standard Day Special Admission



3 Day Admission

Valid for any three/seven days except Peak Days



7 Day Admission









Note: Special admissions are valid for the disabled, armyman, students and children taller than 1.2 meters.

According to the Bureau¡¯s schedule, the first sales phase (before June, 30th, 2009) only allows group booking. Besides offering consultation on ticketing to the public through its 400-odd outlets across China, 95559 hotline and the website, Bank of Communications also sends account managers to the door to provide booking service to group clients. According to preliminary statistics, as of Mar., 31st, Bank of Communications Shanghai Branch had signed group purchase orders for 35385 tickets, with pre-sale volume topping the first four local agents appointed by the Bureau.