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  Bank of Communications Held Meeting to Convey the Spirit of NPC and CPPCC

On March 16th, Bank of Communications held a meeting to convey the spirit of NPC and CPPCC. Mr. Hu Huaibang, Party Committee Secretary and Board Chairman presided over the meeting and made a speech.

The spirit of NPC and CPPCC was first conveyed at the meeting. Hu Huaibang said, Bank of Communications as a key state-owned financial institution should further take the overall situation into consideration, grasp and follow the spirit of NPC and CPPCC as well as other working requirements by the Central Government, and further enhance the capability of scientific development.

According to Hu Huaibang, Bank of Communications as a whole should earnestly learn, grasp and follow the spirit of NPC and CPPCC as well as the working guideline of “increasing domestic demand, maintaining growth, restructuring, upgrading, reforming, vitalizing, prioritizing people’s livelihood and promoting harmony” in the actual management. All should make firm efforts to creatively fulfill the work assigned by the Central Government for 2009 and a period of time to come and realize faster development on the basis of the analysis and judgment made by the Government over current situation and in close association with the actual conditions. Special emphasis should be placed on the actual execution. Macro-economic regulatory and control policies should be earnestly carried out, to promote the sound and fast development of the national economy: on one hand, moderately-loose monetary policies and financial measures required by the Central Government to promote the economic development should be resolutely executed, to ensure the extent of support for the national economic development and meet the valid credit demands of the society through its own fast development; on the other hand, the principle of taking different approaches to different situations and encouraging the growth of some sectors while discouraging the expansion of others should be implemented, credit structure continuously optimized, financial support increased for key national infrastructure projects, major projects for people’s well-being, technical upgrading of enterprises, consumer credit, agriculture, farmers and rural areas as well as small and medium-sized enterprises etc., and credit granted to high-energy-consuming enterprises and those causing serious pollution or generating superfluous output strictly controlled. Business and system innovations should be made, and service capability for agriculture, farmers and rural areas as well as small and medium-sized enterprises enhanced in order to render better services and more support. In addition, special financial service institutions catering to small and medium-sized enterprises should be set up as soon as possible, to ensure the extent of credit to them and help them overcome financing difficulties.

Hu Huaibang emphasized, more efforts should be made in the research and judgment of the current situation and prevention of risks, to consolidate and improve the quality of development; to pay high attention to new development and impact of the international financial crisis, get fully prepared, take the initiative in management, prevent recurrence of non-performing loans, ensure operational security and consolidate the results of reform and development; meanwhile to further deepen the system reform and innovation and enhance the core competitiveness; to neaten the integrated managerial system of provincial branches, accelerate the building of process banks as well as setup and restructuring of outlets, and improve their working efficiency; and under the changing circumstances strengthen the mentality of system innovation and financial service and keep introducing marketable and profitable new products and services, in order to establish a reputable Bank of Communications service brand.

Hu Huaibang added, Bank of Communications as a whole should further implement the scientific outlook on development, solidify and extend the results of learning and practice; establish a long-term mechanism and keep enhancing the level and capability of scientific development; maintain a good mentality, dare to innovate and practise, fulfill all yearly assignments and strive to attain the goal of “winning in main cities and leading up in settlement.”