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  Bank of Communications Opened a Branch in Nanyang

Bank of Communications officially opened a branch in Nanyang on December 16. This is a major initiative of Bank of Communication for the active implementation of the national strategy of Western Development and Central China Rising and the improvement of outlet layout in central and western regions.

  Bank of Communications is a large-scale bank with a 100-year history and currently more than 2600 business offices in 160+ cities and 8 overseas branches. Since 2004 upon the successful completion of “restructuring, attracting investments and listing” trilogy, Bank of Communications has been focusing on strategic objectives to “build a first-class public sharing bank” and “create the best wealth management bank in China” and active exploration of financial service innovation, providing modern financial services of high efficiency and high quality for residents and enterprises with “OTO Fortune” “BOCOM Financial Management” “Win to Fortune” and other series of financial brands.

  Nanyang is the largest central city in southwest region of Henan adjacent to Henan, Hubei and Shaanxi provinces. The branch setup reflects Bank of Communications’ confidence in the economic development status, future development potential, financial ecology and investment environment in Nanyang. It is also an important step of Bank of Communications to improve the layout of the network in Henan Province in support of the local economic development.

  Officials from Nanyang Branch confirm that the branch will be rooted in the fertile soil of Nanyang on the basis of the business philosophy “to provide the best financial solution and create continuous common values”, and actively provide enterprises and residents with high-quality financial services and improve the cooperation and development with other banks in the contribution to building a harmonious Nanyang.