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  Notice of Individual Internet Banking Points Award Activity by Bank of Communications in 2008

The Individual Internet Banking Points Award Activity of 2007 has been successfully completed. To celebrate the 100 years’ birthday and to thank the customers for their long-term trust in the online bank of Bank of Communications, we are holding the Individual Internet Banking Points Award Activity in 2008, with the theme of “Heading for Excellence with Bank of Communications”. Below are details of the notices:

I. Objects

This activity targets all individual customers of the Internet Banking business of Bank of Communications.

II. Duration

From Apr 22, 2008 to Dec 31, 2008

III. Points Accumulation Rules and Notes

This activity covers the use of the specified online banking functions (including specifically card-to-card transfer between different cities, card-to-card inter-bank transfer, open fund subscription/subscription during IPO/redemption/transfer, foreign exchange transaction, and E-commerce online payment) by individual online bank customers holding Pacific Debit Card or Pacific Quasi-credit card. Uses of other functions are not included in this activity. The points are calculated on the bookkeeping days according to the Customer ID No. of corporate Internet banking customers. The points of different Pacific Cards of the same Customer ID are added together.

1. For online bank customers that use card-to-card transfer between different cities or card-to-card inter-bank transfer, each transaction with an amount of more than or equal to 1000 yuan up to 5000 yuan wins 3 points; no point for transactions below 1000 yuan; each single transfer amount of 5000 (included)-10000 yuan wins 20 points; each single transfer amount of 10000 (included)—20000 yuan wins 30 points; each single transfer amount of 20000 (included)-50000 wins 50 points; and each single transfer amount of 50,000 (included) yuan wins 60 points.

2. For online banking customers that use the Foreign Exchange function (including instant transaction and dealings as per offered prices), the transaction of each $1000 (included) wins 2 points; dealings below $1000 have no points.

3. For online banking customers that use the Fund Supermarket function for fund subscription or subscription during IPOs, the transaction of each 1000 yuan wins 10 points; dealings below 1000 yuan win no points. For online banking customers that use the Fund Supermarket function for fund redemption and fund transfer, the transaction of each 1000 yuan wins 3 points; dealings below 1000 yuan win no points. The calculation of the points is based on the actually confirmed transaction amount by the fund company.

4. For online banking customers that use the E-commerce Online Payment function of their Pacific Debit Card or Quasi-Credit Card, the consumption of each 10 yuan wins 1 point; consumption below 10 yuan wins no point.


IV. Awards

This activity has Points Ranking Prizes and Surprise Prize with tempting prizes, altogether 2008 winners, for the mass new and old customers.

1. Points Ranking Prizes

First Prize     48            award worth 3000 yuan

Second Prize   98              award worth 1500 yuan

Third Prize                  228     award worth 500 yuan

By the deadline of the activity, 48 customers with the highest points win the 1st prize; those ranking between 49 and 8146 win the 2nd prize; those ranking between 147 and 374win the 3rd prize. These prize winners are exempted from the Surprise Prize.

2. Surprise Prize

Surprise Prize  1634         award worth 200 yuan

Customers that are not winners of the Points Ranking Prizes and have a total of 1000 or more points are qualified for the Surprise Prize draw.

V. Notes

1. All the history points of individual customers at the online bank will be automatically zeroed on Apr 19.

2. Individual online banking customers can log in to the individual business website of Bank of Communications, select “Customer Service”àPoints àOnline Bank Points to query the corporate total points by the end of the previous transaction day.

3. For the use of Pacific Credit Card for online purchasing at E-commerce websites, no point will be given at the time being. If for any reason the customer cancels the online payment, no corresponding point will be calculated.

4. For customers that have outstanding payments to the bank, unfavorable credit, and fraud or other dishonest acts, Bank of Communications has the right to annul their right to take part in the activity (including points accumulation, prize winning, and award giving).

5. The deadline for this activity is Dec 31, 2008; the points are only valid during the said period of the activity. After the termination of the activity, the points cannot be rolled over to the next year.

6. The winners of the prizes are determined according to their total points as recorded in the bank’s computer system on the last day of the activity. The name list for the prize winners will be announced on the website of Bank of Communications, as well as the instructions for claiming the awards. After this activity, all the points of all the individual customers will be zeroed.

7. Private Internet banking customers that apply for canceling user information are not qualified for the prizes.

8. This activity does not conflict with the private Internet banking points activities carried out by local branches. Therefore, customers that take part in this activity can also take part in other activities organized by local branches.

9. For detailed information about this activity, contact local 95559 Customer Service Center.

10. The explanation right of this activity belongs to Bank of Communications. Should any rules of the activity be changed, please refer to the relevant public announcements by the bank. 


Hereby Notified


Appendix: Rules of Private Internet Banking Points at Bank of Communications


                                                                                                                         Bank of Communications

Apr 18, 2008


Appendix: Rules of Private Internet Banking Points at Bank of Communications




Card-card inter-city transfer and card-card inter-bank transfer (single transfer amount/yuan)

Open fund


per 1000 USD


Online payment per 10 yuan











Subscription, subscription during IPO (per 1000 yuan)

(per 1000 yuan)

Transfer (per 1000 yuan