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  Fund Fixed Investment "8+8" Preferential Program

from oct. 2007 to mar. 2008, bank of communications, together with several fund management companies, launched the “regular-interval, regular-amount subscription” of fund (fund fixed investment).

the preferential program details are as follows:

i. fund fixed investment business rules:

1. fund fixed investment refers to the business that investors subscribe for a certain fund product sold by bank of communications at regular intervals and fixed amounts during a certain investment period. after receiving the application of the fund fixed investment from investors, the bank deducts a fixed subscription amount from the account specified by the investor during a certain fixed period (the min unit is month) for fund subscription.

2. for the min subscription amount per month and investment differential for the fund fixed investment business is introduced in detail in the public announcements by different fund companies, generally 500 yuan per month, without any investment differential restrictions. the subscription date can be assigned by the investors; should the subscription date be a non-working day, the subscription will be delayed to the next working day.

3. for fund shares subscribed through fund fixed investment and confirmed, investors can apply for redemption during business hours.

4. the same as ordinary subscription of fund, fund fixed investment also follows the rules of “unknown price” and “amount subscription”. the unknown price principle refers to that the number of shares subscribed is calculated based on the net share value of the day when transaction application is submitted.

5. no extra charge is collected for the fund fixed investment. the service fees and fee rates are the same as ordinary subscriptions (with the exception of preferential programs).

6. investors can submit their fund fixed investment applications at the service counter with their own id card and the pacific debit card; customers who have already opened online banking fund transaction business at bank of communications can submit their fund fixed investment applications at the fund supermarket of the online bank. the application becomes valid and confirmed on the subsequent working day. the bank’s system deducts the agreed amount on the agreed date from the assigned account. should the account balance fail to cover the amount to be deducted, the bank regards this as abandonment of the subscription application of the current month and will be deduct the amount for fund subscription for that month. should the investor’s account balance fail to cover the fixed investment for three months, then the customer’s fixed fund investment business is automatically terminated and the bank system does not deduct any amount from the fourth month.

7. there are two methods for investors to withdraw from the fund fixed investment business: investors can submit the application to bank of communications; the fund fixed investment is automatically terminated if the investor’s account balance is less than the amount for fund fixed subscription for three months in a row.

8. if the shares of the fund subscribed by customers of fund fixed investment business are temporarily frozen, bank of communications still deducts the subscription amount and forwards the fund fixed investment subscription transaction to the relevant registration institutions. whether such share subscription is recognized will be determined by the relevant registration institution according to the fund contract of corresponding funds, the latest impetus of subscription invitation, and relevant public announcements.

ii. for the fixed fund investment launched by bank of communications, the preferential measures are as follows:

1. from oct. 2007 to mar. 2008, the subscription fee rate of fund fixed investment with front-end fee collection takes 20% discount.

2. to encourage long-term investment, customers of fixed fund investment with 12 successful amount deductions in a row from apr 2008 on enjoy a 20% discount in the 13th subscription fee rate of fund fixed investment. for details about the subscription fee rate, refer to the relevant fund contract of the funds, the latest impetus of subscription invitation, and relevant public announcements.

iii others:

1. for other issues of the “regular-interval and fixed-amount subscription”, refer to the stipulations in the fund contract of the relevant funds and the relevant stipulations of the fund business of bank of communications.

2. investors should pay attention to the legal documents, e.g., fund contract, of fund products and the risk prompts by fund managers.

3. investors can apply for fund fixed investment and the daily fund subscription.

4. investors can submit their applications for fund fixed investment through the fund supermarket of the online bank of bank of communications; the preferential fee rate of online bank subscription does not apply to fund fixed investment.

5. should there be any questions or request for more information, please log in to the website of bank of communications and of fund companies, or directly call 95559 for professional and convenient fund investment service.

6. should there be any changes in the rules of fund fixed investment business, please refer to the latest public announcements.

hereby notified


bank of communications

oct 19, 2007