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Business Overview Of Pacific Cards

Since the inaugural launch of the Pacific Card in 1993, Bank of Communications has issued three categories of card products, comprising credit cards, quasi-credit cards and debit cards, in two major currency denominations, namely RMB and foreign currencies. Over a hundred types of co-branding/identification/specialized cards have also been distributed under the Pacific Card series.


As an integrated financial tool, Pacific Card offers three product series - Wealth Management Link, Foreign Exchange Kit and Personal Lending Kit - whereby the three major service offerings from Bank of Communications in financial management; foreign currency and loans, are combined with the functions of wealth management, general consumption, country-wide access, global access, travel consumption, on-line payment, inter-city remittance, funds transfer, direct line access, ATM withdrawal. Pacific Cardholders enjoy the total ease and convenience of financial transactions, conducted through phone banking, Internet banking, ATM machines, customer service centres and a host of other channels, without the constraints of time and space.