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Two-in-one Account

The Two-in-one Account is a BOCOM smart RMB wealth management product that provides Pacific Card holder with the benefit of automatic transfer of surplus savings  (at least  RMB 50,000) to a  call deposit account from your preset current account which is maintained with a deposit of at least RMB 5,000. This saves you the trouble of repeated transfers between your call deposit and current deposits and may give you the  chance to enjoy a 1.62% yield from the call deposit, while offering you with capital liquidity and providing   added value to your saving in a care-free manner.


Service Features:

The double benefits available from a single  account allows you to “kill  two birds with one stone”:

One account (Pacific debit card), two interest rates, you can enjoy both the convenience of current deposit account and the more favourable returns of a call deposit account

Flexible withdrawal: money transfer can be done anytime and anywhere. You can withdraw savings from your Two-in-One current account anytime, and call deposits can be transferred as desired to current deposit via BOCOM service hotline 95559 or at BOCOM counters.

Timely notification of capital movements in your account (this feature can be ignored for branches not providing this service)

BOCOM provides free Bank-Credit Link services for customers with a Two-in-One Account” to keep you well-informed of  capital changes in your account.

Weekly interest payment offers you a rapid yield:

 The Two-in-One account has a financial management cycle of 7 days. The interest on your principal is calculated on a weekly basis with both the principal and the interests accumulated automatically brought forward to the next period.


For example:

A Mr. Zhang has a principal of RMB 500,000 deposited in his current account and has not used it for a month.

1. Before Mr. Zhang opened a “double-benefit financing account”, his interest revenue would have been: 500,000*0.72% (annual interest rate for current deposits) / 12*0.8 = RMB 240.

2. But after Mr. Zhang has opened his Two-in-One Account, suppose he decides to maintain RMB 10,000 in his current deposit account, his interest revenue would be (exclusive of the compound interest factor):

10,000*0.72% / 12*0.8 + 490,000*1.62% / 12*0.8 = RMB 534.

The difference between the two scenarios is: 534 – 240 = RMB 294. This means the Two-in-One Account earns RMB 294 more for Mr. Zhang in just one month, implying   2.225 times the return arising from ordinary current deposit accounts.


Risks Disclaimer:

When pre-setting the balance of current account under the Two-in-One Account scheme, clients are reminded to maintain sufficient balance to cover their payment obligations . Customers are liable to any loss or penalty interest costs arising from the default of their accounts agent payments, repayment of loans, repayment of overdrafts from credit card  or quasi-credit cards due to the insufficient funds maintained in their current accounts.