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  Personal Loan For Shop Property

Basic eligibility requirements: Any natural person with a capacity for civil conduct or owner of a private industrial/business enterprise, sole business proprietorship or a joint-venture enterprise holding a non-legal-person operational license issued by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce Department; who possesses a permanent abode or business venue; legally employed or engaged in a legal operation, with a stable income source or sustainable stream of operational revenue and who is able to repay loan principal and pay interests and is able to meet other conditions as required by the bank.

Required documentation for loan application: loan application form; property purchase contract; documentary proof of down payment; personal identity document or business license; documentary proof of personal income or financial statement; Pacific Card; third-party guarantee acknowledged by the bank and other documents required by the bank.

Flexible loan period: 10 years maximum.

Flexible mode of mortgage repayment: equal installment for repayment of principal and interest; equal installment for repayment of principal; upfront repayment of principal with interest; interest repayment by installment with upfront repayment of principal.

Simple mortgage procedures: signing of transaction contract --- down payment ---- submission of loan application ---- application review and approval by bank ---signing of mortgage contract ---completion of loan-issue procedures --- issue of loan by the bank ---loan repayment by borrower according to the mortgage contract.

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