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About the Bank

- Constantly enhanced wealth management features. Building up wealth management features remains the Bank’s important strategic goal. The Bank took advantage of the Group’s integrated and international operation to provide on- and off-balance sheet and debt and equity investment services of full product cycle both online and offline for individuals, companies, financial institutions and other types of customers, and to develop the service products system of wealth preservation and appreciation, financial planning and risk hedging, forming series of brands including “OTO Fortune”, “Win to Fortune” and “BoCom Tong Ye Fortune”.

- Comprehensively accelerated FinTech empowerment. The Bank adhered to the technology-driven strategy to continuously enhance its technology empowerment. The FinTech and Product Innovation Committee was established to build and optimise the FinTech organisational structure which adapted to the digitalised business development and responded quickly, to improve the FinTech top-level design and the level of integrated management. Focusing on the integration of business and technology as well as the improvement of data management, the Bank fully applied science and technology to business management, and upheld the role of FinTech from a supporting role to the leadership in development.

- Continuously improved capacity of integrated operation. The Bank was committed to becoming an integrated financial service group focusing on banking industry. The Bank was in the first batch in terms of integrated development among all domestic banks. Beside the major business of commercial banking, the Bank also obtained license of non-bank financial services including trust, financial leasing, fund, insurance, overseas securities, debt-to-equity swap and asset management (wealth management), delivering financial services across borders, industries and markets to customers.

- Increasingly optimised capacity of global service. The Bank is one of the most internationalised domestic banks. As of now, the Bank set up 23 overseas branches (sub-branches) and representative offices in 18 countries and regions, forming an overseas operating network covering major international financial centres across five continents, providing customers with domestic and overseas integrated services in local and foreign currencies. In addition, the Bank and HSBC jointly launched the “1+1 Global Financial Cooperation” to assist Chinese enterprises to “go global”.

- High-quality customer services with market recognition. The Bank continuously upgraded customer service experience through measures of building a benchmark of service quality, establishing online service evaluation system and promoting the optimisation of service process. High quality services have become one of the Bank’s operational characteristics and highlights. In recent years, the Bank ranked first for six times in China Banking Association’s assessment of “Top Thousand Best Units” and “Top Hundred Best Units”.

- Sound and effective comprehensive risk management. The Bank always adhered to the risk appetite of “stability, balance, compliance and innovation”, formed a risk culture of “legal compliance, stable operation, innovation and aggressiveness and accountability for violation of regulations” as its core values. Focusing on “full coverage, full process, specialisation and accountability”, the Bank developed core risk management advantages with its own distinctive characteristics.