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Security Warning on Bogus Phone Calls and Telephone Voice Messages

     Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Macau Branch (“Bank of Communications Macau Branch”) would like to alert our customers and the public to bogus phone calls, telephone voice messages, emails or SMS messages. These bogus phone calls or telephone voice messages claim that customers’ bank or credit card accounts are in abnormal status or have been suspended, and request customers to provide personal information or bank account information. During the process, customers may also be directed to an operator who would request customers to provide their personal information for identity verification. Those SMS messages claim that there were credit card transactions conducted using a customer’s credit card, and request the customer to call a bogus hotline number mentioned in the messages to check the credit card transactions, the fraudsters may request customers to reveal sensitive personal information during the process.


    Bank of Communications Macau Branch declares and affirms that it has no connection with these bogus phone calls, telephone voice messages, emails or SMS messages has not made any arrangement to obtain or confirm customers’ sensitive personal information including login passwords or one-time passwords through phone calls, telephone voice messages, emails or SMS messages.


    Bank of Communications Macau Branch reminds customers and the public not to provide any personal information to unsolicited callers. If customers receive suspicious SMS messages, they should call the hotline at the back of the ATM cards, credit cards or on the bank’s website to verify the hotline number rather than just following the information provided in SMS messages. If customers are concerned they may have disclosed their personal details to any suspicious third parties, please call our only customer service hotline at 88095559 or report to the Police.


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