Service Descriptions

By currency exchange consignment, BOCOM provides you with all-around foreign exchange selling and buying services through its global operation capability. If you are an exporter, BOCOM will help you in ofshore foreign exchange settlement. If you are an importer, BOCOM will help your overseas afliate company to sell foreign exchange abroad.

Service Features

Enjoy the price of ofshore RMB exchange

Create new exchange settlement channels

Targeted Clients
Enterprises with legal approval for imports/exports, sound operation record, genuine business activity that demand cross-border receipt and payment of foreign exchange for exports and imports.
Service Procedures
  • You must be a legal person or have the authorization from a legal person;
  • You must be licensed to deal in imports/exports and have opened RMB or foreign currency settlement accounts with BOCOM;
  • The consigned currency exchange transaction you apply for must have a genuine trade background and comply with the provisions of regulatory bodies;
  • You need to complete Application for Consigned Currency Exchange.