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The Sydney branch financial markets department is well positioned to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to managing and hedging their Foreign Exchange and interest rate risk across numerous currencies. With an ever growing presence in the Australian market, combined with well-established branches across Asia, we are well positioned to connect our clients to multiple markets to provide a range of treasury services. The products and services we provide in Sydney branch are as follows:


  • FX Spot
  • FX Forward/Outright
  • Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)
  • Cross Currency Swaps (CCS)
  • Money Market term deposits
  • Short Term Financial instruments (NCD, ECD, ECP)
  • Bond Markets


Across these products we are active in most major currencies, in particular AUD , USD , CNH and HKD. Please feel free to contact us via your relationship manager or direct. (Contact details under “About Us”)

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