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New housing and secondhand housing mortgage loan

 1. Overview of new housing loan products

New housing mortgage loans refer to the loans issued by the Bank to individuals for the purchase of commercial housing from developers.

 2. Overview of second-hand housing loan products

Second-hand housing mortgage loans are issued by the Bank to individuals for the purchase of commercial housing that the seller has obtained the housing ownership certificate and can be legally traded in the secondary market.

 3. Highlights of the products

(1) Convenient application: “One-stop” service on the site of the cooperative real estate, or online application on the mobile banking;

(2) Preferential interest rate: the repayment method is customized according to your income to reduce the pressure on repayment; and the combination of “commercial loans + provident fund loans” to reduce the cost;

(3) Quick release: innovative information technology helps the quick and efficient approval of lending process;

(4) Capital security: Loan funds are directly paid, safe and worry-free;

(5) Intimate service: charge-free repayment reminder SMS, repayment period/repayment account changes and other intimate services are provided.

 4. Loan process

Go to the Bank of Communications outlets to handle all the process.

 5. Eligible borrowers

Citizen of the People's Republic of China who has full capacity for civil conduct;

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who meet the requirements for house purchase and foreigners who have been in the territory of the People's Republic of China for more than one year (including one year).