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Interbank Market


Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) was established in October 2002 by People’s Republic of China (PBOC) upon approval by State Council and supervised by PBOC.  SGE provides trading, clearing, delivery and vaulting services of gold ,silver and platinum. Trading products include physical trading, forward, swap, option and leasing. The trading boards consist of main board and international board.
  SGE is a membership-based organization with two basic types of members: Domestic Members and International Members.
2. Our Qualifications
  The Bank of communications(BoComm) joined SGE as one of the first Domestic Members and Financial Members at 2002, and as one of the the first international Members at 2014. The bilateral strategic partnership relationship was established at 2014, which has been renewed at 2018  to increase the scope of cooperation. Bocomm was certified as the margin custodian and settlement bank by SGE and SGEI to provide clearing and settlement  services to any client who open position of the trades.
3. Our services
  BoComm provides clearing and settlement services for SGE and SGEI members and clients who participate in the trading market of SGE and SGEI. Members and Clients can choose to open settlement accounts at the bank and deposit required trading margins to guarantee the adequate balance to hold position of the trades. The margin transactions can be fulfilled through our e-bank system, and the daily transaction statement is provided at T+1.