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Corporate Cash Management

Bank of Communications “Win-to-Account” Cash Management is a portfolio of services including accounts receivable/accounts payable management, account management, liquidity management, investment and financing management for the Group, to help the Group achieve internal fund sharing, reduce idle funds and capital costs, and meet their needs for intensive treasury management based on the maximum unification of cash flow and efficiency. The Product Features include:

1. RMB Cash Management

RMB cash management products are the basic cash management services provided by Bank of Communications for the Group’s clients to meet their demands for centralized controlling of the Group's funds. The main functions include internal fund transfer, group payment service and collection convenience, break-even investment, internal accounting, cash pooling inquiry and customized information reporting services, making it flexibly adapted to different organizational structures and management culture.

2. Bills Pool

It is a collection of bill pool accounts formed by the Group in the Bank of Communications for bill custody, pledge custody and other services. Based on this, Bank of Communications can provide centralized management of bill transaction information, allocation and transfer of pledged bill between members of the Group, and loan, issuing bill, letters of credit, guarantees, and other financing businesses on the pledged bill pool, so as to realize the sharing of customer bill resources, and improve the management and use efficiency of bills.

3. Subledger Account

Any number of virtual subledger accounts can be opened under the current corporate account to handle related services such as payment and collection, so that the Group’s demand for the collection clearing of funds in the current corporate account can be realized and their internal business needs for different management dimensions can be met.

5. BoCom e-Collection and Payment Platform

As the modular and integrated collection management platform provided to the corporate customers, it provides online (offline) bank card acquiring services, direct debit and other collection services, and can interface with the customer's mobile Internet platform. It also offers the flexible reconciliation service to suit customers’ variable internal organization structure and management dimensions.

6. Inter-bank Funds Management Platform

It is a comprehensive working capital management platform that integrates ten functions realizing the management of account, cash, bills, credit, budget, in-house banking, data analysis, so on and so forth. It can fully satisfy the enterprises’ demands for liquidity, big data analysis and process management, and it can provide interface with customer’s SAP, OA or HR system.

7. Global Cash Management

Global cash management refers to global integrated services such as global account management, collection and payment management, liquidity management, investment and financing management for cross-currency, cross-bank and cross-border capital management needs of multinational enterprises. The Group can enjoy the "one-stop" financial service through the "one-point access" of the Bank of Communications, easily realize timely and accurate grasp of global account and transaction information strengthen group management and control, and reduce the funding risk of cross-border business. The main services include SWIFT Net service, foreign exchange cash pool, cross-border two-way RMB and foreign currencies cash pool, centralized forex receipt and payment, and netting.

8. Corporate-oriented Financial Product

The Bank of Communications is one of the first Chinese-funded commercial banks to conduct wealth management business. In 2005, with the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, BoCom was qualified to carry out RMB wealth management business and officially provided the corporate and private financial services. In December 2005, with the approval of the Foreign Exchange Administration, BoCom obtained the qualification of cross-finance business in the asset management category, the second bank in the industry to obtain such qualifications. In March 2007, it obtained the qualification of cross-finance business in debt management.

After years of development, BoCom has developed a portfolio of corporate-oriented RMB wealth management products for the corporate and institutional customers’ demands for diversified investment and finance, and preservation and appreciation of assets. It has successively launched a series of products such as “Win-to-Fortune·Lifetime Interest 365”, an open-ended non-principal-guaranteed wealth management product consisting of Win-to-Fortune·Lifetime Interest 365 and  Win-to-Fortune·Lifetime Interest 365 Plus, “Win-to-Fortune·Win Profit”, a closed non-principal-guaranteed wealth management product with maturities for 7 days, 14 days, 28 days, 63 days, 91 days, 180 days, 365 days, and “Cash Profit”, an open-ended net value product.