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Huimin Credit Peoplebenefiting credit

1. Overview of the product

The petty consumer credit loans launched by the Bank of Communications can be applied via mobile phones and approved by the system, without mortgage, with the maximum amount of RMB300,000.

 2. Highlights of the product

(1) No security: pure credit, no mortgage, no need to provide a security;

(2) Low cost: preferential and discounted interest rate allows a daily interest of RMB2.1 for a borrowing of RMB10,000, without other service charge;

(3) Easy application: The application can be made via mobile phone, with no need to visit the bank outlet;

(4) Quick release: the system approves and immediately tells you the result;

(5) Convenient use: You can consume or withdraw cash at eligible merchants.

3. Loan process

It is processed online through mobile banking, with no need to provide any paper documents, and the system gives the immediate approval upon application.

4. Eligible borrowers

   At present, the payroll service customers and mortgage customers who meet the entry requirements of the Bank can apply for Huimin Credit. Later will increase the number of high-quality customers such as provident fund customers and social security customers.