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3rdParty Bond Depository Services


As an independent third-party depository bank, BoComm provids depository service for securities companies' customers,  to ensure security of their funds, pursuant to CSRC's regulations on third-party escrow of customers' transaction settlement funds.
-- A reliable and secure business system that covers third-party custody services for regular customers and margin trading clients; an independent operations team with team members on duty around the clock. No risk events have occurred ever since the system went live.
-- Established partnerships with a large number of securities companies. BoComm has provided third-party custody services for  101 brokerges, and margin trading custody services for nearly 90 brokerages. Our third-party custody customers have topped 7 million.
-- Convenient and efficient agreement execution channels. The bank successfully enhanced user experience for bank-brokerage customers by introducing innovative services such as account activation by appointment and agreement execution on weekend and via online banking, telephone, mobile devices and self-service facilities.