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Our Products

OTO Smart Wealth Management Advisor

OTO Smart Wealth Management Advisor is a mobile app which provides our clients with comprehensive investment guidance by leveraging big data and technologies. The OTO Smart Wealth Management Advisor helps clients access to the investment advice efficiently with next generation digital experiences on Assets Allocation, Personal Pension Plans and Personal Loan. We are powering the future of banking from web and mobile.


Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Cardholders’ privileges:

10% off of your first-year annual fee.

Access to the VIP lounges at domestic and international airports.

Free roadside assistance.

Free valet driver on demand.

Varity selections of insurance at low costs.


Maintain a daily balance higher than 0.5 million RMB for at least 90 days.

The candidate’s account should maintain active for at least 30 days.

 (Note: "Asset" refers to the aggregate market value of time deposits, demand deposits, funds and certificate treasury bonds accounts in RMB and foreign currency)


Exclusive Wealth Investment Products

OTO TianLi Series portfolios are selected Wealth Investment Products exclusively available for our OTO Clients. The OTO TianLi Series are only invested in high ranking and low risk financial derivatives, it provides a competitive return which makes it the first and best choice of investment for our OTO client. (Please visit our online banking for the most up-to-date products information)