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Precautions For Card Safety

1. After receiving the card, please immediately sign your name on the signature space on the back of the card.

2. Protect your password when you use your card.

3. Before entering a self-service bank with door security control system to operate an ATM, please check if there are any abnormalities with or near the machine, such as suspicious objects attached to the card slot, suspicious announcements posted at the machine or the presence of any micro camera lenses.

4. If the notes or your card does not come out of the ATM, stay there and wait for prompt messages on the screen. If your card is indeed retained in the machine, contact the bank promptly.

5. When your card is being swiped by shopkeepers, keep your eyes on it. Do not sign any slip before confirming its correctness, and never sign any purchase document that does not specify the amount of money on it or incompletely filled out.

6. Please keep your card and password carefully. Do not reveal your password to anybody over the phone.

7. Keep your ID card and bankcard separately.

8. Protect the magnetic bar from any intense rubbing, scratching or magnetization.

9. Keep bankcard transaction slips properly, check your accounts regularly, and in case of any discrepancy, contact the bank at your earliest convenience.

10. Once lost your bankcard, please report loss immediately..

11. BOCOM service hotline: 95559