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Pacific Card With A Personal Photograph

    Pacific Card bearing a personal photograph is a BOCOM product to promote its credit-card business and to raise the profile of Pacific Cards by providing customers with a versatile, personalized card design.   

        Pacific Card bearing a personal photograph is a supplementary product of Pacific Card with identical functions as the latter. Any one who applies for a Pacific Card bearing a personal photograph should provide a personalized photograph (including digital photo) to the card-issuing organization. Personalized photographs may range from an artistically taken personal photograph, a family photograph, a photograph of pets and the landscape.

Pacific Credit Card

    0 risk. If your Pacific Card is lost or stolen, call 95559 immediately or report the loss to a service outlet. Cards will be invalidated immediately upon your report of loss.

    1 superbly useful credit card: Spend now and pay later. A swipe your credit card allows consumption to be completed without any cash being required to deposit into the account in advance.

    2 exemptions in your application: No need for third-party guarantee and no need for deposit payment.

    3-fold credit-limit management: Comprehensive management of your personal credit limit allows proper credit-limit arrangement for your different credit cards and emergency adjustment of your credit limit.

    4 modes of repayment: Repayment by cash or cheque; Internet banking, telephone banking or payment through an entrusted bank simply take your pick. Should you run into cash-flow problems, you can opt for minimum payment.

    56-day, interest-free period for repayment. 

    6 major functions: Guarantee-free revolving credit; convenient shopping and consumption; pre-arranged cash credit limit; fund transfer and settlement; risk-free loss reporting and emergency financial support.

    7 x 24 all-time service, without any disruptions throughout the year: Internet and telephone banking offer you an excellent value-for-money service without time and space constraints.

    Advantages: Shopping discounts, consumption bonus points; 50% waived annual fee for supplementary cards, emergency cash withdrawal and travel booking services.

Pacific Debit Card

    Easy application, save for the need of third-party guarantee: Anyone holding valid identity documents and of age 16 or above can apply immediately, without the need of a guarantee.

        Can be used for a long time, without the need for frequent card renewal: No validity periods are set for Debit cards and so they can be used permanently once it is being issued and validated by customers.Shopping by debit card is safe and secure: A confidential personal password guarantees safety of funds in the card account