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Industrial Chain Finance

The “Win-to-Fortune Industry Chain” financial service plan is a comprehensive financial service program of financing, settlement, and risk management provided by the Bank of Communications for the upstream suppliers, downstream distributors and end users of core enterprises in related industries, based on the integration of logistics, information and capital flow, to promote those core enterprises and SMEs in upstream and downstream chain to smoothly carry out “supply, production, and sales”, thus achieving good results in stimulating the development of the real economy and enhancing the core competitiveness of the industrial chain. It won the "Best Supply Chain Finance Award" in the "CFO's Most Trusted Bank Selection" sponsored by CFO WORLD magazine for five consecutive years, and the 2015 and 2016 The Asian Banker's "China's Best Supply Chain Finance Project" Award, “Best Transaction Bank for Supply Chain Finance” in Asiamoney China Transaction Banking Awards 2017 and 2018 and the “Best Supply Chain Financial Bank” Award in the 7th election of the most trusted financial service providers for economic and trade corporations in China.  

At present, Win-to-Fortune Industry Chain” has nearly 30 products in 4 categories including prepayment financing, inventory financing, accounts receivable financing and accounts payable financing, and has launched the knock-up products like “Easy Commercial Draft Discount”. “Easy Receivable Finance”, “Quick Payable Finance”, and “Smart Auto Finance” according to market demand.

 “Easy Commercial Draft Discount” through the process improvement and optimization of the traditional bill discount, highlights the service features of the Bank of Communications in the field of electronic bills, with the quick discount of bills as the starting point, serves the core enterprises’ supplier network comprehensively. The main products include quick discounting of trade bills and agent discounting. The main advantages are: 1) When applying for credit, it is only necessary to unilaterally grant credit to the core enterprise, and the crediting process is simple and quick; 2) Relying on the electronic bill system to realize e-management of bills, the process is simple and cost-effective; 30 The whole process of computerized operation saves the time of bill check and allows a quick and simple handling of business. It solves the common problems in the customer's bill handling, and also provides effective help for their daily bills management. Thanks to the well satisfaction of the market demands, it is quickly accepted in the sector.

 “Easy Receivable Finance” is the newly established accounts receivable service platform of Bank of Communications, providing full lifecycle management of accounts receivable for enterprise customers, including receipts, clearing, reconciliation, financing, collection and receivables, and also covering innovative applications of diversified financial services such as electronic supply chain, cash management, and asset pools in the field. The main products include domestic factoring and re-factoring.

 “Quick Payable Finance” is a payment solution for account payable tailored by the Bank of Communications for the core enterprises, which can effectively solve the deferred payment problem faced the core enterprises. By occupying the credit line of the core enterprise, handling the factoring business for the supplier, it helps reducing the financing cost of the supplier, realizing the rapid return of the supplier's payment, and improving the efficiency of the business processing in batch mode. At the same time, it can optimize the core enterprise’s debt structure, reduce financial costs, improve the ability to pay, elevate the efficiency of upstream and downstream payment settlement, and stabilize the upstream and downstream relationship. The main products include fast factoring and agency payments.

"Smart Auto Finance" is a digital intelligent business processing platform created by the Bank of Communications for financing services across the whole industry chain of the automotive industry. By closely coupling financial services with industrial processes, effectively driving the development of company, retail loan and credit cards through the entire industrial chain, it covers parts manufacturers, OEMs, dealers and end users in the industry, and realizes chain-wide intelligent financial services.