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Overview of BoCom’s Investment Banking Service

Bank of Communications Investment Banking Service (hereinafter referred to as BoCom IB) can be traced back to 1908. After its establishment, it started its business by providing investment banking services via issuing bonds for the country to reclaim the operating right of the Beijing-Hankou Railway. One hundred and ten years later, with the worldwide financial service network covering the branches of the BoCom in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa (in preparation), and its affiliated subsidiaries such as BoCom International Holdings, BoCom Financial Assets Investment, BoCom International Trust, and BoCom Schroder Fund Management, BoCom IB continues contributing to the economic development of China and the rest of the world, and sharing its professionalism and best practice with clients.

BoCom IB consistently makes innovations in product portfolio. From only one product—the underwriting of Commercial Paper (CP) —in 2005, to more than 20 products in 6 categories such as DCM, ECM, M&A, structured finance and asset securitization, financial advisory, and private equity, which leads many innovations in the market. For more than a decade, BoCom IB has launched more than ten products including CP, SCP, MTN, government-sponsored enterprises (GSE) bonds, offshore bonds, Panda Bonds, SDR Bonds (Mulan Bonds), financial bonds, PN, ABN, PPN, PRN, SMECN, SME supporting bonds, overseas direct investment, CLO, RMBS, credit-card ABS, credit assets trading, financial advisory, in which asset securitization, bond bridge financing, industrial funds have become the key products that drive the income growth of the investment banking. At present, innovative businesses like debt-to-equity swaps, PPP, structured finance, poverty alleviation bonds, entrepreneurship and innovation-related bonds, green bonds, Bond Connect, and credit risk mitigation tools have also been provided to customers with the most cutting-edge, more comprehensive and integrated investment banking services.

BoCom IB continuously improves its services. It provides a full range of domestic and overseas financing services for global sovereign, corporate and financial institution clients in the areas of equity financing, debt financing, structured finance, acquisition finance and so forth, and has initiated and participated in major global cross-border financing projects in various fields covering financial institutions, industrials, telecommunications, healthcare, transportations, business services, etc., and established good business relationships with large and medium-sized customers at home and abroad including PetroChina, CNOOC, State Grid Corporation, China Telecom, China Commercial Aircraft, Central Huijin Investment, China Development Bank, ICBC, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Ford Motor, etc. BoCom has been participated in Sovereign Debt Financing since 2009. Since the PRC MOF issued its first Dim Sum Bond in 2009, BoCom has been acting as the sole issuing and lodging agent for the CNH institutional tranches, Joint Arranger for the CNH retail tranche, as well as Joint Lead Manager and Joint Bookrunner for the USD tranches. BoCom also plays an important role as the Joint Lead Manager and Bookrunner for the first Panda Bond issue of the Republic of Korea in the interbank market in China. All the above confirms the long-standing recognition of BoCom’s investment banking services.

BoCom IB is widely recognized for its professional services. After years of hard work, it has won numerous awards, including but not limited to Best Securitization Transaction in Asia Pacific, Best Securitization Transaction, Best Local Securitization Transaction, Junding Award for Universal Bank Investment Bank in China, Best Investment Banking Business, Best Bond Underwriting Bank, Best Innovation Investment Bank, Most Competitive Investment Bank, Best Cross-border Financing Bank, Junding Award for Cross-border Financing Bank, Best Bond Financing Project, Best Private Equity Bond Project, Best Equity Financing Project, Best M&A and Restructuring Project, Most Innovative Trust Plan, Best Innovation in Asset Management Project, Innovative Product and Service Award of the Year, Best Green Bond Bank from famous financial publications at home and abroad such as IFR Global, IFR Asia, Euromoney/Asiamoney, The Asset, CFO, and Securities Times.