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CrossBank Link

    Pacific Card holders can conduct bankcard transactions on any UnionPay ATMs or point-of-sale terminals (POS) system.

    Round-the-clock self-services are available from ATMs joining UnionPay network throughout China;

    Pacific Card holders are exempted from any surcharge when paying for expenses by Pacific Card even at shops designated by other banks.

Bankmessage Link

     "Worry-free card use service" provides instant SMS reminder for each transaction, with 72-hour lost card protection. The SMS reminder will notify the holders of Pacific Debit Card of each transaction through SMS. The 72-hour lost card protection can compensate the cardholders for the loss of funds incurred by the cardholders in the specified circumstances due to identity theft of the debit card.

The SMS reminder in this service is not applicable to the electronic cash account transaction of IC debit cards issued by Bank of Communications (including but not limited to chip cards and chip-magnetic stripe cards). The 72-hour lost card protection does not include fund loss guarantee for electronic cash account.

 (1)  Who can apply?

The main Cardholder of Bank of Communications Pacific Debit Card can apply to open, modify and close the "Worry-free Card Use" service.

 (2) How to apply?

Cardholders' can apply to open,modify and close the "Worry-free Card Use" service via Bank of Communications branches, handheld terminals or applicable electronic channels.

Netbank Link

BOCOM's internet banking is a virtual bank offering cardholders a safe, convenient and friendly interface through the Internet, whereby a range of financial services is provided.

Website: http://www.95559.com.cn

Service content: Personal banking available via BOCOM Internet Banking include Pacific Card services, foreign exchange transactions and e-commerce services

Online application: Inclusive of applications for Pacific Debit Cards, Quasi-Credit Cards and Credit Cards

Account inquiries: Inquiries can be made on the Pacific Card account balance, transaction records and payment details on the various services provided

Loss reports on Pacific Card: Losses of Pacific Card can be reported to ensure the security of funds in card account and to minimize the risk of financial loss.

Hotline Link

    BOCOM's customer service centre is supported by a telecommunications network featuring a new integrated information-service system that leverages on an integration of cutting-edge computer and telephone technologies. Cardholders can dial the hotline ("95559" in China and "0086 + 21 + 95559" outside China"), and follow voice mail instructions to enjoy a range of round-the-clock services including inquiries and complaints, 365 days a year.

    Target customers: Any individual inside or outside China

    Service durations: 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

    Service scope: inquiries, complaints and recommendations.

    Consultation services: Ranging from the enquiry of various BOCOM product and service categories and its way of application; interest rates of savings deposit and loan services and standards of service charges to the information on the addresses of overseas correspondents and account banks; locations of outlets and offices and its scope of services provided; the names and addresses of Pacific Card merchants and locations of self-service machines and equipment.

    Complaints and recommendations: Complaints and recommendations on BOCOM's product and services; the quality of services provided served by cardholders to customer service center will be handled and responded in a timely manner.

    Other services: Voicemail and facsimile services are also offered in customer service centers.

BankSecurities Link

    Bank-securities transfer: Pacific Debit Cardholders can conduct immediate fund transfers between their cards and their personal accounts at securities firms for securities settlement, through the various securities counters that are linked to BOCOM network, telephone ordering system,  BOCOM branch network, telephone banking and multimedia terminals.

Utility Fee Payment Link

    Pacific cardholders can settle their various fee obligations with considerable ease. Currently, BOCOM has introduced a "Utility Fee Payment Link" facility, designed for payment of various utility fees.

    Fee settlement through an appointed bank: For fee settlement through an appointed bank, cardholders will only need to sign a letter of instruction on fee payment authorizing the bank to settle the related fees on their behalf automatically on monthly basis.

    Self-service payments: The self-service payment method offered allows you to make hassle-free payment by simply following the onscreen instructions on the various BOCOM self-service terminals. Alternatively, you can complete your fee settlement through telephone banking.

Nation Wide Link

    High level of safety and efficiency: Cutting-edge technology is deployed to ensure a safe transfer of funds to your desired destinations efficiently and on time.

    Prompt services: Cash deposits can be channeled to your accounts conveniently and promptly anywhere in China.

    Excellent business facilitator: BOCOM can offer you the most the convenient fund transfer service across China.