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Our Services

VIP Airport Services:

We offer our OTO clients with full VIP boarding services at more than 40 domestic and international airports, along with access to the VIP lounges, departure services and expedited access to security. An OTO Wealth Management Card, Private Banking Card or Bank of Communications Platinum Credit Card is required at the entrances of the VIP lounges. Please contact our OTO specialists for more details. For OTO Wealth Management Clients and Private Banking Clients, please dial 95559; For Platinum Credit Cardholders, please dial 4008-666-888.


Personal Wealth Management Advisor

Each of our OTO Client is assigned to a top tier personal Wealth Management Advisor, who is carefully selected, well-educated and fully trained. It is our desire to serve and to relentless drive to perform that pushes us to help millions of customers meet their financial goals. Our Advisors are backed by a professional Wealth Management Team with international perspective, we are always finding ways to help our clients’ assets remain prosperous.