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Futures Market


Clearing and Settlement Servies for Future Markets
1.Our Qualifications
BoComm was licensed as a futures settlement bank in 1992 when the Chinese futures market  was at a fledgling stage. BoComm is  one of the first to obtain the margin custodian qualification authorized by SHFE, CZCE, DCE and CFFEX. In 2017, BoComm became the designated dipository bank for domestic and international trading participants of Shanghai INE. In 2018, BoComm obtained the qualification to provide the depositary, liquidation and system-support services for DCE international iron ore futures.
2.Our services
BoComm provides the clearing and settlement services for futures companies and investors who participate in the futures trading market. We have developed the bank-futures transfer business with some 145 futures companies with a coverage ratio of 97%. Our services maintain a leading position in the whole market.